Adding a Pergola for Fun and Value

It’s nice to have a special space where you can go to relax. It’s even better if that place is outside! If your property is a little bit small, or your budget is a little bit tight, you may want to consider the advantages of adding a pergola to your back yard.

Pergolas offer many advantages at a fraction of the cost of fully-enclosed additions, and they provide home-owners with many options. They can be built to suit any taste. From charming and quaint to modern and bold, a basic construction company in Sydney can help choose the materials and lay out for your design, and your personality can do the rest!

Pergolas can range in size from small, covering only an entryway, to very large. Some are built using very simple designs. Others use intricate lattice, columns and rafters. Whatever style or size is chosen, there are several advantages to adding a pergola to your home:

• A pergola enhances the value of your property
• It adds visual interest
• It can create extra living space
• A pergola provides privacy
• It provides protection from the elements
• A pergola creates structure for beautiful climbing plants and vines
• It is an economical alternative to an enclosed structure

Protection from sun, rain and snow can be provided by vines that climb and cover the pergola to create a very country look and feel. Flowers can add color and fragrance. A bench or chairs are usually needed, but if the structure is very sturdy, a swing could be a fun option. Basic construction companies are able to answer your questions on the type of supports needed.

Guys are probably not interested in flowers or swings, so if the spot is to be more gender-friendly, and your budget allows for it, you might consider adding a hot tub or a fire pit.

If your dining area is small, or for occasions when you have extra guests, a pergola creates additional eating space. After the meal, you and your friends can have a quiet evening of conversation. You’ll enjoy having the convenience of being at home, with the atmosphere of a relaxed vacation escape!

Every member of your family will be able to enjoy a pergola. It’s an affordable way to relax together, get some fresh air with just the right amount of sun and add lasting value to your home.