New Construction Quality and Assurance Inspections

  • Frame Inspection (Pre Linings)

    We will ensure that all aspects of the frame have been completed and that they all comply with the relevant codes and standards, and that the quality of the work has been completed to its potential.

  • Final Inspection (PCI)

    This is a thorough and detailed inspection, and we will pick things apart so you don’t have to. We will ensure that your builder has not cut corners during construction, and will make sure that nothing is left incomplete or non compliant. We explore what others ignore.

  • Defect Inspections

    Are you concerned about the brickwork on your new home? or maybe the finish of another product, we can conduct specialist inspections and concentrate on these areas, to give you a detailed inspection as we deconstruct and accurately identify problems and weaknesses.

  • Maintenance Inspection (Defect Liability)

    After you have been in your home for 13 weeks (3 months) your builder will conduct a maintenance inspection, they will ensure that their list is small, we will come in and make sure that your builder is fixing all items that are needed at this stage. You will gather a list together and your builder will often tell you ‘NO’. We will also check the items from the final inspection to make sure these have been completed, sit back, relax and let us do your homework.

Services We Provide

Is your house deteriorating? are you concerned about the condition of your current property? At Macro Building Solutions, we can complete a thorough Condition report that will detail all the problems and concerns with your home. We will identify the source of the problems, and let you know why this is happening.

This is similar to the Condition report, however it goes into more detail. We will inspect the structural adequacy of your home, to ensure that there are no major issues. Some people are concerned that their house is about to fall down, we can identify any issues which may lead to major problems later on, as we uncover the big problems that started out little.

Mould is a deadly and toxic substance, and can cause severe health issues to the occupants of the home. If you suspect that you may have mould in your home, do not wait, act immediately. We will conduct a detailed inspection to identify all areas in your home where mould is present. Sub Floors are the most common place for mould to grow, usually caused by inadequate drainage around the property and also inadequate cross flow ventilation within the Sub-Floor area. This can be a very costly repair if the mould is left for too long.

Asbestos is a deadly fibre that no one wants in their home. If you have an older home, or suspect that asbestos is present in your home, then we can come through and conduct an inspection and identify all areas where asbestos is present.

Have you found the home you have been dreaming about? DO NOT BUY. Macro Building Solutions will provide an in depth analysis of your new property to ensure that you are not being caught out by Real Estate Agents. DO not get conned into purchasing a property until you have had a thorough and detailed pre-purchase inspection. We will ensure that you are not buying a property with major issues that you can not see, you should know what you’re in for. We will make sure that when you purchase that dream, you purchase peace of mind.

Selling your home? Make sure that there are no major issues with your home before you sell. We will identify all the issues with your home before the purchaser engages in their pre purchase inspector. Selling a home can be a nightmare, ensure that your home sells first go, you can do this by identifying all the issues and fixing them prior to your home being put on the market. A purchaser will go for the home with the least amount of problems, we can make sure that happens to your home. A pre-sale inspection is your wisest home investment yet.

With the new laws coming in for swimming pools, owners are unaware of the standards that your pool MUST comply with. You are now required to have your pool registered with your local council, and to do this it MUST comply with the relevant Australian Standard. We can conduct a complete swimming pool inspection, which will detail and issues you have with you pool and its construction. We will test the filters and inspect the surrounds. With a pool safety inspection we will inspect the safety and ensure that your pool complies. We will test the pool fencing and inspect other areas as indicated in the Australian Standard. If your pool passes and is compliant, we will then issue you with a compliance safety certificate, which you can then pass onto your local council to have your pool registered. We will take the liability away from you.

Inspection Price List